What makes us different?

Everyone can look beautiful


That is the first thing you have to know about us. Dermaster is the best Korean beauty clinic in Asia, providing good service according your needs. Offering list of sophisticated beauty solution, we give full services of esthetic solution from head to toe, slimming service supported by advanced technology and medical service with patient orientation. We give all service with an affordable price.




Dermaster Aesthetic and Hair clinic is a beauty clinic established by Dr. Kwon Han Jin at Seoul, Gang Nam Samsung Dong in 2002. Having established in major city in the world, is now open in Indonesia. Dr. Kwon Han Jin is partnership with dr. Tan Yuanita and dr. Jessy Suryadi as head of Doctor Dermaster Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia Dermaster Clinic can be found in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and Los Angeles, USA.




In our clinic, you will meet with the best expertise in every field.


Dr. Kwon Han Jin, a worldwide director dermaster clinic. He also a director of International Aesthetic Medical Association, Medical Alopecia Association of Korea, Natural Beauty Clinic, and Mia Station (2002-2005). He also a vice director in Stem cell Treatment Association, executive director in Personalized Medical Association of Korea, academic director at Korea Wellbeing Cosmetic Association, a professor at Seokyeong University, College of Beauty & Cosmetics and secretary in A4M World Anti-aging Congress Korea.


We also provide team of doctors and professional nurses directly trained in Korea, in order to have standard system and procedure with other dermaster clinic.




Not only aesthetic, comfort of our patient is our priority to. They can feel the differences in interior and exterior which is very cozy unlike other same clinic in Indonesia. We also provide special room for VIP guest, free WIFI in our clinic.